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Amazing: The making  of a Silver Coffeepot in the 18th Century

A part of our Silver Collection

A pair of 18th century silver Candlesticks

Antwerp 1787

Makers mark: Johannes Baptistus Verberckt

27 cm, 603 gr



Silver Bowl for cooling glasses, so called Monteith bowl

Birmingham 1912,

makers mark MW

317 gr Ǿ 15 cm, 12,5 cm h


€ 1200,-

Silver Winecooler London 1908

makers mark WC

694 gr 23 cm h



18th century Silver Winefunnel,

London 1798

makers mark John Emes

181 gr.



Silver coffeepot with ebony handle
London 1926
Makers mark: H&Co ltd

21,2 cm 570 gr


€ 795,-


A Belgium silver centre piece with crystal bowl

Probably Antwerp around 1895-1900
36 x 26 cm, 610 gr


€ 2250,-

A pair of Dutch Silver Salts. the round openwork holders with colourless glass rest on three curved legs, each standing on a foot. The legs extend wide upwards and are adorned there with a leaf motif on a roughened background. Each leg carries a rectangular house with a rosette ona roughened grouns. The housings are attached to a gallery with interconnected oval sawn-open gallery that forms the top edge of the holder. 

leaf garlands and portrait medallions are hung on this with rings

Amsterdam E= 1789

Dutch Lion, Yearletter 

Makers Mark PVR in a Square=Peter van Reidt


€ 950,-

Early 19th century Dutch silver teacaddy crowned by image of lying lion, resting on ball feet, 

Nijmegen 1820

Makers mark: Johan Daniël Rosa

height 14 cm., 1st content, weight 350 grams


€ 1800,-



A 18th Century Helmet Shaped Milk Jug on square Foot
London 1793
Makers Mark rubbed


€ 595,-

Victorian Silver Sugarcaster 
London 1898
Makers: George Jackson & David Fullerton
21 cm (h), 225 gr


€ 795,-

Adams style pierced pedestal sugar bowl with swing handle and original Bristol blue liner

Chester 1913

Makers mark: Greorge Nathan & Ridley Hayes


€ 525,-